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IAGP 5th Mediterranean Regional Conference for Trauma and Disaster Abstract Topics

During the Conference, Topics includes such titles in Symposium, Panel, Large Groups, Early Bird Groups, Workshops, Article Presentations, Training Groups:
Here is the complete manual, Group Interventions for the Treatment of Psychological Trauma, This Framework will contain the full 12 modules designed to address trauma group work with specific populations and circumstances.

Module 1: Group Interventions for Treatment of Trauma in Adults
Module 2: Group Interventions for Treatment of Trauma in Children
Module 3: Group Interventions for Treatment of Trauma in Adolescents
Module 4: Group Interventions in Coping with the Disasters
Module 5: Transcultural based Trauma Intervention in Group Psychotherapy
Module 6: Group Work with Trauma and Disaster
Module 7: Group Interventions for Grief Following Traumatic Events
Module 8: Trauma Interventıon for PSYCHODRAMA
Module 9: Trauma Intervention in GROUP ANALYSIS
Module 10: Trauma Intervention in FAMILY THERAPY
Module 11: Trauma Interventions in DISASTER
Module 12: Trauma Intervention in GROUP PROCESSES

1.Theoretical Framework for Studying the Nature and Effects of Recent Stressful Life Events
2.The Life History Method Applied to the Refugee Context
3.The Role of Culture in the Counseling Relationship
4.Psychotherapy Research with Refugee Populations
5.Monitoring Public Mental Health Services for Refugees
6.The Cultural and Political Context of Immigration
7.Community development and sustainability
8.Human rights and advocacy
9.SGBV prevention, sexual orientation and discrimination and insidious trauma homophobia
10.Effective social communication
11.The concept of trauma, psychopathology and diagnostic systems
12.Clinical evaluation and interview principles in mental/psychic trauma
13.Principles of approach, application and techniques in mental/psychic traumatic experience
14.Cognitive & behavioural theories & treatments in mental/psychic trauma and related diseases
15.Treatment approaches in children and adolescents with trauma experience
16.Psychosocial theories explaining the development of traumatic stress
17.Special topics in the field of mental trauma
18.Basic treatment approaches in mental trauma and related diseases
19.Childhood trauma, evaluation and interview principles with children having trauma
20.Community mental health approaches in disasters
21.Traumatic stress and periods (pre-, peri- and post-trauma) and emotional, cognitive, social and physical effects of trauma
22.To distinguish short & long-term effects of trauma on infancy, childhood, adolescence & adulthood
23.To distinguish between normal grief reactions and trauma-related grief reactions
24.Traumatic grief reactions and grief process
25.Developmental, recurrent and complex traumas: Interaction of trauma with personality
26.Developmental, recurrent and complex traumas: Interaction of trauma with personality
27.Effects of Traumatic Stress and Trauma on Developmental Spectrum
28.Forensic Psychological Assessment and Report Writing
29.Hidden Bond: Trauma and self-harm
30.Psychopathology of trauma, psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and intervention
31.Socio-political violence and selected traumas
32.Working with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants
33.War Trauma: Psycho-social effects
34.Trauma Evaluation, Risk Factors and Diagnosis
35.Political Violence, War, Prejudice / Discrimination
36.Crisis intervention theories, models and effects
37.Ethical issues and principles in crisis and trauma interventions
38.Crisis intervention skills and techniques
39.Emergency Psychological First Aid: Who, when and how
40.Secondary Traumatic Stress in Trauma Working Professionals
41.Transfer and countertransference issues in the work of trauma
42.Methods for improving awareness and self-care in mental health workers
43.Transgenerational traumatic transmission
44.Disaster psychiatry and basic cognitive and behavioural approaches
45.Empowerment ways for women who experience domestic violence
46.Working at individual level: the use of trauma counselling / trauma-focused herapies in women exposed to violence
47.Ethical issues and principles in working with victims of sexual violence
48.Violence Against Women: Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence
49.Trauma treatment theories and applications according to clinical research/study results
50.Working in clinical context with trauma: Basic concepts and clinical spectrum
51.Therapeutic framework and working principles to be established in individual intervention
52.Risk and protective factors for children and adolescents
53.Traumatic grief in children
54.Trauma-focused treatment approaches and their effects
55.Trauma-focused treatments
56.Working with Child and Adolescents having traumatic life experiences
57.Work with individual-focused therapy approaches
58.Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes Work with Refugees, Immigrants, Asylium Seekers
59. NeuroPsychoanalysis and Trauma
60.Psychoanalysis and Trauma
61.NeuroPsychiatry and Trauma
62. Mental health promotion and Trauma
63. Resiliency and Trauma

Training Groups Topics contains;
1.Group Analytic Work with Target Trauma focused PT Group
2.Sociodrama group Work with Target Trauma focused PT Group
3.Psychodrama Group Work with Target Trauma focused PT Group
4.DramaTherapy Group Work with Target Trauma focused PT Group
5.Action Methods for Target Trauma focused PT Group
6.Family Therapy Work with Target Trauma focused PT Group
7.Creative Arts Group Work with Target Trauma focused PT Group
8.Small group supervisions / project work with 3-hours group supervision of small groups of 8-12 people under the leadership of a trauma specialist clinician will be provided during Conference.

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